Annie Blackman

Annie Blackman has been writing her way into and out of heartache since adolescence. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Montclair, New Jersey, makes droll yet stirringly vulnerable music to bridge the gap between the head and the heart and untangle what it means to want. A compulsive archivist, Blackman draws inspiration from her own diaries, schoolwork marginalia, and the hallowed grounds of the Notes App on her iPhone. Loving, liking, and longing inform Blackman’s lore. With measured vocals and hypnotic production, Blackman faithfully leads us through her world of faded dorm room furniture and pensive walks-home.

(Photo Credit: Daniel Dorsa)


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Annie Blackman Raises Unanswerable Questions

By Annie Blackman | April 9, 2021

Annie Blackman Raises Unanswerable Questions

The singer-songwriter waxes on fate, chance, and her new song “Why We Met.”