Andrew C. Fisher and Cacia Zoo

Andrew C. Fisher grew up on the gulf coast of Texas. He studied Philosophy in college, and he has spent most of his adult years trying to figure out how to tell a good story through moving pictures and sound. You can find Thanatos and other work at

Right after Cacia Zoo popped out of her mom’s womb, she was dancing! She always knew she wanted to be a performer and artist. She visited New York when she turned 16 and took an acting class throughout the summer. After that summer her life was never the same. She went back to Taiwan and came back to New York the first chance she got. Her creativity is versatile and spread through many different mediums. Whether she’s in front of the camera or behind it, with herself or collaborating with others, she has immense passion for performance and art. If she’s not moving or creating, she’s on her way to.


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