Alexander and Danielle Canepa

Alexander Canepa is president of Eight Hills Productions and the writer-director of the new feature film Mrs. Booker on 8th Avenue, which he also edited and scored. Mrs Booker has played at a number of film festivals and received the Reel Life award at the Chattanooga Film Festival. He wrote, directed and produced his first short feature, Meringue, in 2020, which was accepted into the Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival.

Danielle Canepa is an entertainment marketing executive and the CEO of Eight Hills Productions. She launched her career at Lionsgate and worked on a wide variety of film releases, ranging from independent films to big-budget wide-theatrical releases. She founded Eight Hills Productions in 2020 with her brother, Alexander Canepa. Danielle graduated with Honors from USC, earning a degree that combined Communications from the Annenberg School with a focus on Consumer Behavior from the Marshall School of Business.