Alex Somers

An artist of many disciplines, Alex Somers takes inspiration from all walks of life. His studies in music took him from Boston (Berklee) to Reykjavík (Iceland Academy of the Arts), where he became involved with Sigur Rós. With the famed band, Somers’s role included not just producer but designer as well with his contributions to artwork for albums such as Takk… Alongside frontman Jónsi, he formed duo Jónsi & Alex, who released two albums Riceboy Sleeps (2009) and Lost & Found (2019). As a producer, Alex has lent his talents to works by Julianna BarwickGyða ValtýsdóttirDamien RiceAmiinaSin Fang, and Briana Marela. In the decade between Riceboy… and his official debut albums, Somers expanded his audio expertise to film. As a composer, he’s contributed soundtracks for Miss Americana(the Taylor Swift documentary), Honey BoyCaptain Fantastic, the How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy, Aloha, tv shows Black Mirror (“Hang the DJ”) and WGN’s Manhattan, and composed alongside legendary composers such as Danny Elfman (Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far) and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson. 2021 marks the first time he channels his talents into a project solely his own, a chance to express himself while simultaneously sharing all he’s learned from his partnerships, friendships, and wide-ranging interests.

(Photo Credit: Bella Howard)


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Alex Somers on His Sibling Musical Careers

By Alex Somers | March 19, 2021

Alex Somers on His Sibling Musical Careers

The Sigur Rós collaborator talks how his work in film scoring and composing inform each other.