Andy Gill (Gang of Four) Talks with Jon Langford (the Mekons) for The Talkhouse Music Podcast

Two iconic post-punks recall their common roots, and trace the evolution of the concept of punk rock and how it inspired their respective bands.

In the late ’70s, Andy Gill and Jon Langford were schoolmates at the University of Leeds in England. That was where Andy co-founded a band called Gang of Four and Jon helped start a band called the Mekons. Those bands went on to great things, such as helping to invent post-punk — and becoming iconic bands in the process.

The Mekons are possibly the longest-running and certainly the most beloved post-punk band. Their music has encompassed punk rock, country music and dub reggae, and they’ve released a long string of truly great albums like Fear and Whiskey (1985) and The Mekons Rock & Roll (1989). Their history, their music and their perseverance through thick and thin, not to mention their sense of humor, are showcased in the 2015 documentary Revenge of the Mekons.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, Gang of Four made some classic albums of life-changing, canonical Neo-Marxist post-punk, like Entertainment (1979), Solid Gold (1981) and Songs of the Free (1982). They’ve influenced everybody from Rage Against the Machine to St. Vincent. With Andy Gill as the sole remaining original member, they released an album in 2015 called What Happens Next.

Here, these two smart musicians and old friends recall their common roots, trace the evolution of the concept of punk rock as it traveled north through England, and how it inspired their respective bands.

Punk’s chief message, according to these guys: “You can really go anywhere you want with it.”

Andy Gill is a founding member and guitarist for the British rock group Gang of Four, considered one of the most influential bands since the mid ’70s. Gang of Four’s new album What Happens Next is out February 24th. Noted for his innovative guitar technique, Gill also produced most of Gang of Four’s output, as well as albums for many other artists including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Jesus Lizard, the Stranglers, Therapy?, Michael Hutchence & Bono, Killing Joke and the Futureheads. Gang of Four’s website is here, their Facebook page is here and you can follow the band on Twitter here.
(Photo credit: Tom Sheehan)


Jon Langford is a Welsh-born musician and artist who currently resides in Chicago. He is a founding member of the Mekons, Waco Brothers, and the Three Johns. You can follow the Mekons on Twitter here.