A SHERO’s Journey: Sheryl Crow

It’s Sheryl Crow week on SHEROES! The iconic singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, activist, Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Famer, and all-around SHERO joins Carmel Holt to celebrate the release of her 12th album, Evolution, which both sees her more inspired than ever, and handing over production duties for the first time since her debut. Sheryl shares her reflections on a four-decade career, her insights on where we have seen progress for women in the music industry and where we still have work to do, the crucial piece of advice that Chrissie Hynde gave her when she was still coming up in the business, and the questions she has about where feminism fits into the music industry.

Inspired by creator and host Carmel Holt’s own 25 year career in radio, and lifetime devoted to music, SHEROES is a podcast that amplifies womxn’s voices in song and conversation. As the third production under the SHEROES name, following her syndicated public radio show SHEROES Radio, and SHEROES: Mixtape Memoir (Sonos Radio), the SHEROES podcast on Talkhouse acts as kind of creative lab, expanding to include mini-episodes that highlight the intersectional feminist heart of SHERO interviews, live tapings, roundtables and more. Carmel’s approach continues to be guided by a fierce commitment to diversity and inclusivity, showcasing a wide range of guests sharing their experiences spanning genres and generations, with a passion for amplifying new voices while recognizing and celebrating the womxn who paved the way.

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