A SHERO’S Journey: Mimi Parker of Low

As a long time fan of the band Low, Carmel Holt realized that she hadn’t heard many (or perhaps any?) interviews that focused on drummer, singer, and songwriter Mimi Parker. When they sat down together for an interview back in January of this year, Carmel couldn’t have anticipated how important and rare this conversation would be. In addition to hearing about her nearly three decade journey with Low, the band she co-founded and has been in with her husband Alan Sparhawk since 1993, and the new high water mark of their latest album – 2021’s Hey What – what Mimi Parker opens up and shares with us in this very special SHEROES interview was something she had not yet discussed publicly. And as their U.S. tour starts back up in less than a month, it’s an amazing time to hear this SHERO’S journey.