A Note From Talkhouse Podcast Host and Producer, Elia Einhorn

Goodbye and thank you.

In the spring of 2014, my friend Ian Williams, of the band Battles, texted me to ask if I would be interested in engineering the first episode of a new podcast his friend was helping to start. The podcast would consist of unmoderated conversations between artists, and the first talk would feature Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and the Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser. My old band the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir had played shows with the Walkmen; plus, being a professional musician myself, I loved the show’s concept. I immediately said yes.

As time went on, I became the podcast’s producer, and then its host. What had once been a sporadic sprinkling of episodes had blossomed into a regular weekly series. My childhood friend and lifelong musical collaborator, the acclaimed audio engineer (and my audio guru) Mark Yoshizumi moved from Chi to NYC to take over as producer, bringing us to a sonic level that could compete with any show around. We worked with everyone from Brian Wilson to Tierra Whack to Chuck D to Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. I got to work with my heroes, as well as bring the best new music into the spotlight. We released over THREE HUNDRED episodes!!

So it’s incredibly bittersweet to announce that this week marks the last Talkhouse Podcast episode with Mark and I at the helm. We’re stepping away to start our own company, but don’t worry –– we aren’t going far. We’re psyched to share more details in the new year, but for now I can say this: One of our first projects is the launch of a brand new (and truly dope) show in collaboration with Talkhouse. Stay tuned! And I’m thrilled that the Talkhouse Podcast is continuing in the expert hands of my frequent co-host, Talkhouse’s Executive Editor Josh Modell.

Taking stock as I file my last show, it’s staggering to see how much we’ve accomplished over the past five and a half years. MILLIONS of you have tuned in to our show. We presented live talks at SXSW, Sundance, and venues all over America and in the UK. We received THREE(!) Webby Awards honors. Most importantly, we got to be part of an incredible community of musicians, filmmakers, and podcasters. And we had the privilege of preserving many hundreds of artists’ deep experiential wisdom for anyone to access at any time for free. 

Huge thanks to Talkhouse Publisher Ian Wheeler for keeping the good ship afloat and for bringing me onboard. And thank you to everyone I’ve gotten to work closely with on the show! In chronological order: Michael Azerrad, Nick Dawson, Dan Petruzzi, Brenna Ehrlich, Dave Lucas, Amy Rose Spiegel, Annie Fell, Keenan Kush, Josh Modell, and Perry Tripp. Plus, of course, the inimitable Mark Yoshizumi. 

And I offer my final, and deepest, thanks to you, the listeners that regularly tuned in to the Talkhouse Podcast. I hope you stay in touch; as always, you can follow my personal and professional exploits at @eliaeinhorn on Instagram and Twitter. My direct email address is [email protected]. Don’t be afraid to use it — you guys fookin’ RULE! I look forward to listening to the Talkhouse Podcast each week from your side of the podcast app, right alongside you from now on. 

‘Till next time, I’m Elia Einhorn. PEEEEEEEAAAAACCCCCEEEEEEE!! (And viva Talkhouse!) 


(Photo Credits: Ebru Yildiz; Edited by: Keenan Kush)

On the left is Talkhouse Podcast producer and host Elia Einhorn, and on the right, engineer Mark Yoshizumi.

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