47 | Nine Writing Secrets From Our A-List Guests

It’s a GREATEST HITS Episode. We’ve had such amazing guests, that we wanted to curate some of their best moments. Enjoy!

1:20 – John August on Important Rules For Worldbuildling (Ep 35)

6:09 – Marti Noxon on Writing Samples That Will Get You Staffed (Ep 40)

9:05 – Sheila Hanahan Taylor On Rookie Mistakes (Ep 42/43)

17:33 – Kemp Powers on When To “Break The Rules” in Your Writing (Ep 36)

20:15 – Andrew Stanton On The Differences Between Storytelling and Writing (Ep 39)

25:31 – Ed Solomon On The Essential Value Of Rewriting (Ep 32)

31:12 – Mike Jones On Overcoming Stage Fright During Pitches (Ep 25)

34:24 – Kemp Powers On Dealing With Bigotry and Racism in Hollywood (Ep 36)

41:12 – Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn On What Makes Great Writing (Ep 23)

Thank you to Jess Fisher for putting this episode together!