Established in 2007, Talkhouse is dedicated to providing the highest quality audio and text processing solutions and services. Services include audio mining, hosted speech recognition, front ends for smartphones, and text mining. We have a wide array of state of the art tools for speech recognition, signal processing, and machine learning.


Audio Mining

Do you still pay people to listen to audio and transcribe/categorize it when a cloud-based recognition system might be a better solution? Cloud-based systems effectively allow you to scale as your needs changed. Our system isn’t just limited to speech. We can recognize non-speech as well.

Speech Recognition

Our latest weighted finite state transducer based speech recognizer emerges from more than a decade of experience designing recognizers and speech servers. We also offer a cloud-based platform that can scale to meet your demands and a hosting platform should you need a hosted solution.

Front Ends for Smartphones

Need a front end for a smartphone so you can efficiently connect to a server-based speech recognizer? We have small, efficient and portable front ends and front end toolkits to embed in smart phones such as the iPhone.

Text Mining

Do you have a large amount of text you need analyzed? We have tools that can extract useful summary information in the most overwhelming sea of text data. Machine learning offers the advantages of being free from human bias and the ability to handle almost any amount of data quickly.