Victor Vasquez (Das Racist) Talks Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city

The new Kendrick Lamar album is hella good. Like, fuck Batman, feel me? Fuck Looper, this shit was better than Looper.

The new Kendrick Lamar album is hella good. Like, fuck Batman, feel me?

Fuck Looper, this shit was better than Looper.

Blacula was a good movie but I think this Kendrick Lamar album is better than that too, maybe.

This fool said: “Earl Stevens had us thinking rational.” This album had me being like, “You know what was a good book? Black Elk Speaks.”

Listening to this album was kind of like taking mushrooms to me.

I listened to this album and was like “I should call my sister” and then didn’t.

This album had me wondering what Fatlip was doing for money these days.

This album made me sad that Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu broke up.

This album made me wonder why Portland, Oregon has so many titty bars.

This album had a Rasputia punchline.

This album ended on vocoder.

This all seems like relevant information to me, do with it what you will.  I don’t know how to write music reviews.

The news that Richard Aoki was a snitch had me very upset.

Gonzo journalism is a real enough thing and I think it is sympathetic to many of the aims of the Global South.

I’m getting paid to write this article.

Tao Lin and that fool Carles from the blog Hipster Runoff and that other fool Noah Cicero are relevant and I think even important writers on par with say Wiz Khalifah but I think Kendrick Lamar is better.

Dallas Penn is an important writer.

I never read Lil B’s book but this new Kendrick Lamar album had me thinking I should read it.

You know what movie will probably suck? The Great Gatsby.

You know what white female rapper’s OK? Kreayshawn.

You know what movie is crazy? Harold and Maude.

And that should make just about 300 words.

Victor Vazquez, aka KOOL A.D., is a rapper/singer/producer/painter/ novelist/astrologist/male model/exotic dancer just trying to be free and live his life in a big beautiful world governed by brutal, soulless men enslaved by their own toxic ideologies.