EPISODE 30 ✨🔦✨ In this episode Emil travels back down to Chapel Hill to try and re-assess the landscape that gave birth to his musical outlook in the early nineties. He uses the flashpoint of Chapel Hill’s underground music explosion to argue that its the people living in a town that truly define the psychological geography of a place before they disappear and that place’s identity transforms. This will probably be the only Drifter’s Sympathy cast that focuses on the atmosphere surrounding a ‘modern band’. Polvo’s era opens up a perfect gateway into the study of a fleeting uniqueness that explodes in unwatched environments before the sudden death of a culture’s heyday and the rebuilding period that inevitably follows. In Episode 27 (‘To Abraxas with Headaches’) Emil dubbed Polvo as the band that quintessentially personifies the charm and underdog position of a local band for him. So we dive into the influence these older kids wielded and study a boiling kettle in its most unique moment.

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