Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Other Lives’ Tracks for Turbulent Times

Fresh off their fourth LP, Josh Onstott from Other Lives offers us some musical antidotes.

If you haven’t listened to Other Lives’ new album For Their Love yet, consider this your musical wake up call. The band’s fourth full-length is barely a week old today, and it seems there’s no better time for this release. For me, the Chamber pop soundscapes are a welcome break from the current chaos of the city. Frontman Jesse Tabish elaborates: “The album is a record reflecting human feeling in the current state of affairs — economy and politics on the individual.” As it turns out, the world would soon have to face some larger existential questions since that initial album announcement in January. Here are some “coping” tracks for the turbulent times.
— Keenan Kush, Operations Manager

Let’s do some old school sprinkled with some new school and give some love to new music in the world today.
— Josh Onstott

Glen Campbell — “Wichita Lineman”
When I was eight years old, my late great grandmother Ruby used to play Glen on vinyl. This song always stood out to me…It’s the title track of the album and reminds me of her.

Jackson C. Frank — “Blues Run the Game”
I remember discovering this song at a pivotal transition in my life. I was driving/moving from Oklahoma to Oregon with Other Lives. Leaving my home state for the first time meant leaving everything I was familiar with… encountering many uncertainties and new strangers that would eventually become my friends. I missed everything I left behind at first, but this was the best decision I ever made for myself.

Brian Eno — “Becalmed”
The day my young cousin David passed, I listened to this song 20 times and it soothed me 20 times over.

Pink Floyd — “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts.1-5)”
The first time I saw my daughter on an ultrasound monitor in utero, this track was playing in the background. I was so nervous going into the appointment because you never know. The tech kept counting her hands, toes, and her vital organs… she finally concluded that she looked healthy and perfect. It was such an unforgettable experience.

Other Lives — “We Wait”
When Jesse was 15, he started the All American Rejects. Ever-present in his everyday life was Tommy, a band member’s brother-in-law. He was the brother Jesse never had… kind and wise. Tragically, his wife hired his murderer. He was shot November 29, 1999. This event completely shattered Jesse and has been something he’s dealt with all of these years. This song is an attempt to heal this trauma and remember his ol’ pal Tommy.

New Mystics — “Golden Spiral”
This is my side project called New Mystics. “Golden Spiral” was a tune Jesse and I wrote and recorded about heroin addiction. I had someone close to me that battled with the disease and having never tried it, this song was created as an imaginative interpretation of what I think it might feel like if I did.

Weyes Blood — “Andromeda”
What a gorgeous song to listen to while quarantined at home. Natalie’s voice is timeless, her songs are beautifully crafted, and this tune knocked me upside the head and transported me to another place the first time I listened.

Hamilton Leithauser — “In a Black Out”
One of the most recognizable voices in indie music with some serious range. This tune and album was a lovely discovery while traveling up the Oregon Coast on a dark night.

Kate Bush — “Hounds of Love”
Kate Bush is the antidote for any sorrows that you may have. Her tunes really are a home remedy for me.

Waylon Jennings — “Mental Revenge”
If you don’t have Waylon on your coping playlist, you should!

(Photo credit: Michael Mackay Valentine)