Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Mapache’s Vision of Southern California

Take a tour of LA's music scene with the Innovative Leisure band.

For this week, we have a playlist assembled by the SoCal folk-rock duo Mapache. The band’s laid-back grooves are reminiscent of another California band, Allah-Las, so it’s no wonder the new record has a feature from Allah-Las’ bass player Spencer Dunham. Speaking of the new record: it’s titled Swinging Stars, and it’s out today via Innovative Leisure. To celebrate the release, the band curated some of their all-time LA-area bands. Check out their picks and enjoy the weekend!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Sam Blasucci’s picks:

Tom Waits — “I’m Still Here”
“Prettier in Whittier,” they say — true for Tom Waits who was born there. One of the most hauntingly beautiful, original, delicate, ancient, fresh, new, and bold songs of his is “I’m Still Here.”

Nat Dogg — “Me & My Homies”
One of the best things about touring and playing music that we often forget is that you are constantly in a state of perpetual hanging out with your friends. That in itself can be problematic and challenging, but it’s good to remember that your friends are there with you either way.

Monde UFO —”I’m So Tired”
Monde UFO is one of my favorite bands — always there with a saxophone, sound bowl, and some engine coolant. Beautiful and peaceful full of noises and lights. Echo Park’s finest.

Annie Zhou — “Raining Dream
Annie Zhou is brilliant and we’ve had the great pleasure of working with her on our records. True musicianship and fluidity and a Pasadena local — “Raining Dream” is one of the most beautiful.

Etta James — “Anything To Say You’re Mine”
No words for Etta.


Clay Finch’s picks:

Thee Midniters — “The Town I Live In”
This is the most quintessential LA cruising tune by the most quintessential LA cruising band. Everything about it gets me stoked.

Beachwood Sparks  — “Tarnished Gold”
Beachwood will always be one of my favorite bands. They also played a huge part in our journey coming up in LA. The Tarnished Gold album features the whole extended family of that band — people like Dan Horne, Neal Casal, and Ben Knight — so that also makes it super special.

Randy Newman — “I Love LA”
This song plays at Dodger Stadium when the Dodgers win, and we play it in the van every time we get back home from tour.

Pacific Range — “Studio Walk”
Pacific Range is another group of close friends from LA who made just one really good album. I love that band and I love this song.

Allah Las — “200 South La Brea”
I had this CD in my car one of the first summers I moved back to LA and it totally sounds like the orange smoggy electric long days we get that time of year.