Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: John Vanderslice’s Favorite Songs of 2020 (So Far)

The songwriter/producer shares what new releases he's had on repeat.

2020 has been a weird year, especially for artists trying to release new music. We want to highlight some releases that might’ve flown under your radar, so we asked Talkhouse veteran John Vanderslice for his favorites of the year so far. Vanderslice also has a new track of his own, “Lure Mice Condemn Erase,” which was released earlier this week. The track is from the new EP titled Eeeeeeeep, out on Aug 21.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

I try to keep very current with new releases, so these are a few things I’ve discovered very recently. It helps me stay inspired and alive. The golden age is NOW, music keeps getting better and better. The idea that the best art is behind us is nuts to me!
—John Vanderslice

Lomelda — “Wonder”
M for Empathy, Loemlda’s 2019 masterpiece, was one of my favorites records from last year. This is the first single from the new one.

Katie Dey — “Happiness”
Katie’s on her own trip. Her back catalog is deep and strange.

Amine — “Compensating (feat. Young Thug)”
Yes, please, more of this. Produced by T-Minus. From the forthcoming LP Limbo.

Arca — “Time”
Arca’s earlier one-track, 62-minute lightning bolt “@@@@@” is my fav of the year. I don’t fully connect with the new one, but there are brilliant moments.

Earl Sweatshirt — “Whole World (feat. Maxo)”
One sample, one half step chord change. I guess that’s all we need because this song is MESMERIZING.

Eartheater — “Below the Clavicle”
Somewhere between the dreaming-era Kate Bush and Katie Dey lives Eartheater. Last year’s Trinity is excellent.

Rival Console — “Articulation”
This English dude makes some of the best sounding electronic music.

Lorenzo Senni — “XBreakingEdgeX”
Campy and fun. This entire record sounds like future Italian synth disco. Very good drug music.

Kenny Segal, Serengeti — “Exhausted”
An obsessive chronicling of shoe drops and merch collabs by a fictional narrator. Genius.

Skepta, Chip, Young Adz — “St Tropez”
This would be my summer banger if we still had summers and bangs.

(Photo Credit, left: Elizabeth Weinberg)