Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Future Thieves’ Favorite Live Tracks

Start your weekend with a playlist of live performances from Coldplay, Metallica, My Morning Jacket and more.

To celebrate the release of their new album, Live at Blue Rock, Nashville-based rockers Future Thieves have put together a list of some of their favorite live tracks. Listen below for classics from Woodstock, unexpected collaborations and a couple of cuts from the great Okonokos by My Morning Jacket.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Led Zeppelin – “Thank You” (Live BBC Sessions)
Gianni (drums) first heard this song when he was eighteen and it knocked him out. These BBC sessions are really great and raw.

Joe Cocker – “With a Little Help from My Friends” (Live at Woodstock)
Definitely the one festival Gianni wishes he could have gone to. Classic song, one of the best performers ever, and during an event that seems hard to put a finger on for what it meant culturally and what it did for modern music festivals.

Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello – “The Ghost of Tom Joad”
Austin (guitar) loves this performance because Tom Morello is an absolute mad man. Case in point, his solo at around 6:50 in the song is just nuts.

Brand New – “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”
Austin saw this when he was in high school and thought it was the coolest thing. It made him want to play a show and sparked his interest in being a musician.

My Morning Jacket – “Mahgeetah” (Okonokos)
Collectively, one of our favorite bands if not the absolute favorite. This album is filled with amazing vocal performances from Jim and Carl both, great jams, and it’s just so well recorded. Austin saw Okonokos on DVD in college and thought it was a great mix of weird and badass.

My Morning Jacket – “It Beats 4 U” (Okonokos)
Sorry, had to put another from this album. Tom and Patrick just lock in on this song and it’s so unique. Again, the entire concert is gold.

Metallica – “Bleeding Me” (S&M – Live with the San Francisco Orchestra)
Nick (bass) here, sneaking this one in for me and Gianni while Austin and Elliot (vocals) aren’t looking. This live album is so cool. Metallica played the entire thing with the San Francisco Orchestra. They played old stuff, their current stuff at the time, and even two new songs exclusive for that show. This song is quite long, but the way they adapt to the orchestra is so impressive.

Coldplay – “One I Love” (Live 2003)
One of Elliot’s favorite records. It’s just an incredible show that impresses you because it sounds so good very early into their career. Showed how good a band can be.

Wilco – “Ashes of American Flags” (Kicking Television: Live in Chicago)
Always been one of Austin’s favorite Wilco songs, and this version is superbly eerie and strange.