Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Driving Over the Speed Limit with Chris Shaw (Ex-Cult, GØGGS)

Some perfect summer classics to get your weekend started.

Today, expert frontman Chris Shaw shares an eclectic playlist full of energetic classics, great lyrics and some of the most creative artists releasing music today. Chris’ band Ex-Cult has a new record, Negative Growth, out September 23 via In the Red Records. Keep an eye out for the new release, and get your weekend started with this playlist.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Cheena — “Stupor”
This band rules. I picked up their demo tape from a friend, bought the single the day it came out, and am anxiously awaiting the debut LP. Oh yeah, they slay as a live band as well.

Thin Lizzy — “The Rocker”
If this song doesn’t make you want to jump in a car and drive way over the speed limit with the windows down, I don’t think we can be friends.

Total Control — “Systematic Fuck”
My favorite song from the excellent album Typical System. Daniel Stewart is the best lyricist in the business.

A$AP MOB — “Yamborghini High”
This song has some pretty amazing lyrics from A$AP Rocky, including the legendary lines “Yeah I wake up late, Yeah I’m outta shape, yeah, I’m eatin’ crêpes.” Genius.

Ty Segall — “Diversion”
Can I include a song by someone from a band I play in? I’m gonna do it. This song is actually by the Equals, who you should also look up if you’re not familiar. One of my favorite covers from Mr. Segall.

Merchandise — “Flower of Sex”
Another hit from one of the most creative bands going right now. I love everything Carson Cox does, and this 5-minute banger is up to par with some of the band’s best work.

Garland Jeffery — “Wild in the Streets”
This dude toured with Lou Reed, but a lot of people just think this is a Circle Jerks song. This version actually kills that one. Shoutout Garland.

Sex Pistols — “Silly Thing”
One of my favorite songs from the Sex Pistols, even if it’s not really the Sex Pistols.

Billy Swan — “I Can Help”
This song is kinda strange, but gets as close to a “feel good” song that I can still get down with.

Motörhead — “Motörhead”
The theme song for the best band of all time. Enough said.

Iggy Pop — “Tell Me A Story”
The Iggy album New Values is pretty underrated, but it is still one of my favorites. This is a perfect summer album, and the lead off track “Tell Me a Story” sets the sketchy vibe that’s found throughout the record.

The Doors — “Indian Summer”
Yeah yeah, it’s the fucking Doors. I know, I know. Oh well, this is my playlist right?