Talkhouse Playlist: Living for the Love of Music with Mega Bog

Erin Birgy tells us how she discovered her favorite songs and met some of her biggest influences.

Mega Bog’s Erin Birgy shares this playlist full of memories: meeting inspirational musicians, hearing beautiful stories and loving music. Mega Bog recently released their experimental, poppy album Happy Together via Nicey Music. Give it a listen, and enjoy the playlist below!
– Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Flaming Tunes/Gareth Williams – “Nothing on”
I just want to listen to songs about how much we love music, and from what I can tell, Gareth Williams lived for that love.

Cate Le Bon – “Love is Not Love”
I think about Cate telling me sad love stories in San Francisco about every other day.

Blue “Gene” Tyranny – “Next Time Might Be Your Time”
This is a musical diffuser for the Mega Bog band. We all calm down, pay attention. Blue Gene was one of the people I moved to New York to meet.

Nina Simone – “Alone Again Naturally”
There are so many layers in my loving Nina’s version of this song. Vulnerable, defiant and scrambling.

Julien Gasc – “La Cure”
I met Julien when I worked a guitar shop and he needed his bass and amp repaired before a Laetitia Sadier show. We ended up drinking beers in the park and making plans to make music togehter. I sent him the demo for “Worst Way” (which he made the music for on the record), and he ended up covering it for his solo record. I love this version.

Phil Lynott – “Yellow Pearl”
Solo in Soho was gifted to me when I started writing Happy Together. I love Phil, and earnest, urgent and sweet political expression. “Yellow Pearl” was the primary inspiration for “London.”

Iji – “Candle Flame”
A song my best friend Zach Burba wrote about me moving away. Bubble is a flipped-out record, and I’m really looking forward to making the next Iji record with Zach and James Krivchenia this year. Getting hyped.

Laurie Anderson – “Babydoll”
I’ve looked up to Laurie since my favorite record store owner (Doug Mackenzie of Righteous Rags and Records) explained her performances (when I was fifteen) in his animated style, totally giving life and desire to find this music in oneself.

Ruth White – “Spleen”
When I need validation, I crank up Flowers of Evil. Some absolution to the fear of waking up.

Dinosaur L – “Go Bang”
Heroes Arthur Russell and Julius Eastman singing, “I wanna see all my friends at once.” Me, too.

Lady June – “To Whom It May Concern”
I found Lady June through my love for the Canterbury Scene, and I thank those friends of the past for combining such stretching poetry and collaborations (like this one with Kevin Ayers and Brian Eno) that inspire myself and friends every day. On the UK tour coming up, we’re trying to visit June’s and Ivor Culter’s graves…I’m feeling excited to touch their ground.

Remambran – “Run around the Block”
Mallory has been my confidant and deep friend since I started touring. We wrote letters and got to spend a month together every year, testing out our new life’s work and lyrics, and feel like she’s always in my music brain.