Talkhouse Playlist: Jacuzzi Boys Take Us to Miami

Listen to a "Top 40" of sorts from The Magic City.

For their latest record, Ping Pong, garage pop band Jacuzzi Boys left the Florida wilds to record in the LA summer. To celebrate their return to Miami, they made us this playlist of tracks that you might not expect from The Magic City. Enjoy!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

A Miami “Top 40” if you will… Plenty of folks think it’s all dance music down here, but I think this collection of songs does a decent job of letting you know it’s all that and so much more. It’s by no means definitive, just an intro of sorts complete with mega-hits and local favorites alike. There’s something for everyone, but hopefully it’s all for you… Straight from the MAGIC CITY. Turn it up…