Talkhouse Playlist: Contemporary Techno with Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem, !!!)

When asked by Thurston Moore for techno recommendations, Pope compiled these songs.

In probably the first ever Talkhouse playlist spinoff from a Talkhouse Podcast episodeTyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem, !!!) prepared a playlist especially for Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) by request. Moore had previously set the Internet ablaze when he gave this controversial answer in a Pitchfork Over / Under episode about techno. The episode of Over / Under was hosted by our own Elia Einhorn who consulted with Pope about what to ask Moore. Naturally, it was techno. So when the two came together again for our podcast recording, Moore asked Pope for some techno recommendations, and this is the result.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Rrose — “Waterfall”
This is a track by Rrose, who is one of my favorite techno producers right now. “Waterfall” is an appropriate title for this one, since it’s like seven minutes of filtered noise splashing your ears into your brain.

NHK yx Koyxen — “845_”
This is an awesome one by NHK yx Koyxen on the label Diagonal. Kind of electro-ish. The beginning has a similar synth sound to the Rrose track, actually. Sounds kind of like when you hold your thumb on a guitar cable that’s plugged into an amp. Maybe that’s why I chose it for this list!

Buttechno — “silent e”
This is one I love by Buttechno. More understated than the two above, but just feels really good. Has a great vibe and doesn’t really bash you over the head, which I like. Just really groovy. It sounds like it could have been done on a four track with all the tape hiss too.

Hieroglyphic Being — “This Is 4 The Rave Bangers”
Gotta get some Hieroglyphic Being on here. He really changed my mind about house and techno when I first heard his records, how raw and punk rock it was. I think his influence on where techno and house is these days can’t be overstated.

Mike Parker — “Undulating Frequencies”
This one by Mike Parker is just dope. Take the kick out and it would be an amazing sound piece on its own.