Introducing: TR/ST’s “The Stain”

The premiere of a new track, plus a special edition of our Three Great Things series from the artist himself.

1. Pasta Grannies on YouTube

I discovered this incredible micro-episodic show on YouTube last year. The premise is simple: nonnas in Italy choose a favorite pasta dish of theirs and show everyone how to prepare it. It’s a lesson in history, but also in the technique and level of care needed to create such gorgeous yet simple dishes.

It’s a true wonder to see the tenacity of these ladies. They’ve been making pasta for decades and decades of their lives, and their traditions really inspire my lackluster (but excited) attempts at making the dishes myself.

2. Tacos from the Taco Zone truck

My favorite LA taco experience. It’s a truck parked in the evenings outside the Vons parking lot on Glendale Blvd. They prepare simple tacos and burritos among others things, but my favorite is their mulitas. Beans, chees,e and avocado wedged between two fried tortillas, covered in cabbage and cucumber slaw, pico de gallo, spicy red or green salsa (and whatever other toppings you want). It’s always a magical way to finish a night of dancing.

3. Dancing at The Sweat Spot

Slow Jams is an all-levels dance class taught by the magical Ryan Heffington. Beyond being a joyous workout and a maddening attempt for me to learn the choreography, he has created a space to be curious, to be uninhibited, and to be honest. These teachings have been fuel for my creativity these past years.

I cried after my first experience trying the Gaga Technique. I had no preconception of what kind of experience I might be in for. I approached it from a very naive place. The technique has provided me with the beginning of a way out of the intense rigidity in my body, the possibility of higher body-awareness and an outlet that is overwhelmingly silly. They encourage you to think and treat your body like moving seaweed, which is such a powerful image for me. It’s a real remedy stagnancy, to feeling like I’m stuck in a rut in my life.

TR/ST is the musical project of Toronto artist Robert Alfons.