FEIST’s Pleasure Studies

On July 9th, Leslie Feist will launch a new podcast series – co-presented by Talkhouse and Earios – entitled ‘Pleasure Studies,’ which aims to be a self-described “spiritual companion” to her acclaimed 2017 LP ‘Pleasure’. As the original home of writing and podcasting created exclusively by artists, Talkhouse is honored to be Feist’s home for this unique and inventive new podcast series.

Indie icon, Feist, knows a thing or two about love, loss, and everything in between. Through in-depth interviews with pro athletes, new mothers, artists, and polyamorous pornography performers, she explores big themes from the tracks of her most recent album: self-reinvention and creativity, the power of the natural world, youth, old age, wisdom, and the passing of time. We hear the stories of people who have followed their dreams, lived long lives, endured devastation, and come out the other side with a greater understanding of what it means to be alive.