Episode 296- Draft Picks with guests NAHreally & The Expert

Now that we’ve been around for a number of years, we’ve had the chance to interact with rappers and producers at various stages of their careers. Sometimes we catch people on the ascent, still forging their legacy, and sometimes we speak to legends whose time influencing the culture is likely behind them. And sometimes, we engage with early-career artists right as they begin to level up and make a name for themselves to a wider audience. We have seen this happen with friends of the program like Defcee and Fatboi Sharif, and this week we have a conversation with rapper NAHreally and producer The Expert, who feel like they are on the verge of a similar breakthrough. They are promoting their new collaborative album Blip! out now on Rucksack Records. For NAH, this is his first release on vinyl, his first foray into securing features from other indie artists he admires, and just a lot of firsts in general. For producer The Expert, this is the latest in a line of collab albums, including recent tomes with Stik Figa and Jermicide, where he has consistently displayed a knack for psych-tinged knocking beats. In the bookending segments, DBRP hosts David Ma and Nate LeBlanc (Demone Carter is on assignment his week) discuss new music, an upcoming book project they are both working on, and the concept of “Regular Guy Rap” and what makes an artist relatable in the modern world of hip-hop.

This episode was mixed by Taylor Weng.

Theme song by Cutso and DEM ONE. Announcements by Don Newkirk.

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