Episode 291- Back To School with guest Schoolly D

It’s quite rare for us to be able to talk to a true pioneer in the rap game, especially one so vital and engaged as the legendary Schoolly D. We were able to get some time with the literal father of gangster rap to talk about his self-drawn album art, his influence on the genre, his work in TV, his diet, and so much more. DBRP hosts David Ma, Nate LeBlanc and Demone Carter have been longtime fans of Schoolly’s work and have referenced his seminal tracks (and the Edan song “Schoolly D Knew The Time”) many times throughout our few hundred episodes, so it was surreal to actually speak with him. He was full of energy, unsurprisingly ribald, and a deep well of knowledge on the fundamentals of rap. Overall, a great interview.

In the intro segment we discuss tattoo etiquette, commitment phobia, the infantilization of NBA coaches, and the terror of the wrestling unit in middle school P.E. class.

Our theme song was produced by Cutso and rapped by DEM ONE (Demone’s rap guise)

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