Episode 264-Street Baptism with guest Shingo2

Shingo2 is a Japanese born, American bred rapper, producer, and DJ. After moving from Yokohama, Japan to Northern Cali Shingo2 cut his teeth in the vibrant hip hop coalescing around UC Berkeley in 1993.

Shingo2 was a member of the experimental Hip Hop group Terracotta Troupe and has collaborated with several prominent producers including Nujabes, Fat Jon, and Substantial. Shingo2’s music has also been featured in several popular anime series, including “Samurai Champloo” and “The Eccentric Family.”

Nate, Dave, and Demone talk to Shingo2 about his humble beginnings, rapping in two languages, and helping to bring west coast underground rap to Japan.

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Joints used in this episode

  1. Luv (Sic) rmx-Nujabees feat Nujabees
  2. Ecydsis-Terracota Troupe