Episode 254-Louder Than A Bomb with guest Hank Shocklee and Jason Woodbury

Armageddon been in effect go get a late pass!

In orders of sonic magnitude there is no bigger rap album than Public Enemy’s 1988 masterpiece It Takes A Nation Of Millions. This genre shattering classic is about to turn 35 (holy shit!). In celebration of this milestone Nate Le Blanc, David Ma, Demone Carter, and guest Jason Woodbury (of the Aquarium Drunkard podcast) come together to dissect what makes It Take A Nation so brilliant.

That would be robust episode in and of itself but wait there’s more?!? Nate and Demone had the privilege of talking to Public Enemy co-founder, producer, and Bomb Squad detonation specialist Hank Shocklee. He was part of huge sea change in rap production and has went on to have an impressive career scoring and doing sound design for many films you know and love.

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