Episode 148- 2020 DBRP Awards Special with guest R.A.P. Ferreira

It’s the third annual DBRP Awards! A beloved end-of-year tradition where we reach out to some of our favorite artists, writers, and friends of the program for feedback on the year in rap music combine that with the ballots of our editorial board of David, Demone, and Nate, and then “award” great music across a wide variety of categories. We also spend a little bit of time talking about bad graphic design and annoying trends, but mostly this is a celebration of an amazing year for music and not much else. Tune in to hear about our favorite album covers, song titles, featured verses and much more, building up to our Song of the Year, Best Producer Alive, Best Rapper Alive, and of course a hotly contested race for Album of the Year. We so have a quick check-in interview with artist R.A.P. Ferreira about his glorious opus Purple Moonlight Pages, and his forthcoming album and VR experience Bob’s Son Cafe.