Episode 112 with guests Estee Nack and Spectacular Diagnostics

This week we have a brief check in with the three hosts via conference call, where we hear about Dave’s interview with Conway and The Alchemist for Billboard about their new EP Lulu, and Demone tells us about being interviewed by NPR for a story related to his day job running a food bank. Next up we have an interview with MC Estee Nack, an incredibly productive rapper who releases excellent street rap at a rapid clip. He just released the album IWANNAFXCKJADAFIRE as a physical-only drop and Baladas, a collaboration with producer Superior, to streaming services. After that we have an interview with producer Spectacular Diagnostics, who has a long history in the game that many many be unaware of. His album Raw Unknown (one of our favorite releases of the year so far) features MCs such as billy woods, Quelle Chris and Vic Spencer and he is keeping busy during the shelter-in-place era by releasing beat packs for a dollar on his Bandcamp page.