Matt and Tom Berninger Talk (Rather Disastrously) About Their Creative Process

Upon the release of "Careless," the brothers filmed an exclusive video interview about EL VY's visuals.

In exchange for living in my garage for a year, I asked my brother Tom to make videos for every EL VY song as a form of creative rent. He managed to finish nine of the eleven songs. The other two [“Sad Case”/”Happiness, Missouri”] he outsourced to the brilliant Kelly Lyon. Tom gave a presentation to a small group in L.A. explaining his “thinking” and process. Here are the lowlights from that presentation and all the videos. You’re welcome.

The Presentation

The Videos

The Video for “Careless”

Matt Berninger is the frontman of the National. He formed El Vy in 2014 with Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls and released the album Return to the Moon in November 2015.