Best of the 2010s: FEELS Tell Us Their Top Albums of the 2010s

Frontwoman Laena Geronimo gives us the rundown on the band’s faves of the decade.

FEELS is a very eclectic band, and we all have a lot of different inspirations and loves of different types of music. A lot of the music we listen to altogether in the van is older music, like since the beginning of recording basically, but mostly ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘10s. We went through the last decade and picked out some of the albums that we related to and listened to the most. It was really, really tough to narrow it down, so I’m sure we’re forgetting some. 

I think when an album comes out that inspires, like, ten thousand garage bands to try to do a similar thing, you listen back and think more about how that has happened as opposed to when you first heard it and were just like, This is so exciting! But I think all the albums that we chose, we chose them because they still stand their ground as something you listen to and still feel that original excitement about.


Ty Segall, Melted

That album is so solid. It inspired so much music that followed it, but was also inspired by so much music that we love from back in the day. His songwriting is so good. He’s one of the few modern artists that incorporates classic songwriting and vocal melodies into raw, feel-it-in-your-bones rock music, and it is so satisfying. 

Anika, s/t

Geoff Barrow’s project; BEAK> is on the list later for sure, but this record is so good and we still listen to it a lot. It’s all covers, but Annika’s voice and the production makes it feel very much like it’s own world.


BEAK>, >>

That album is so great for long drives in the van.

White Fence, Family Perfume

The double LP is a masterpiece. Put it on repeat and paint all day or something. Tim Presley never disappoints.


Cate Le Bon, Mug Museum

It’s so elegant, but also tough-sounding. I just love her as an artist in general, and the way that she combines different ideas. Her voice is so beautiful and the songs are so well-written. 

Thee Oh Sees, Floating Coffin

It’s really, really difficult to choose a favorite record of theirs, but we picked this one because when they play live they always do “Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster” and the whole crowd loses its mind in a sea of sweat and happiness, and it is GLORIOUS. 

Cosmonauts, Persona Non Grata

This one’s a little more personal. That album really reminds me of a summer of feeling a certain kind of freedom and youthfulness and excitement about the future.


The Coathangers, Suck My Shirt

I DJ sometimes and I always throw in at least one song off of that record. It’s so exciting. My favorite to play off of it is a split between “Springfield Cannonball” and “Adderall.” 


Jack Name, Weird Moons

He put out this album on Castleface Records, who we also put out our first album with. It’s so interesting; it’s kind of funky. It’s just a really good vibe. He’s one of my favorite artists. I’ve seen him play a lot over the years, stretching back before 2010 — he’s a Los Angeles native as well. He never fails to impress. It’s always different, you never know what to expect, but it’s always so good. 


Priests, Nothing Feels Natural

It just really reminds us of that riot grrrl spirit that inspired us as teenagers with Bikini Kill. I love the political lyrics, and using the platform of having a band to raise awareness and talk about things that are really important, things that need to be addressed and that everyone feels angry about, and that you need some kind of outlet for.


Parquet Courts, Wide Awake

We all really love that album. The way that it’s recorded is so good. It’s just really fun and exciting to listen to — it’s very rich sounding and full of neat textures. And it’s just really fun and exciting to listen to.

Crack Cloud, s/t

These kids are bringing out that angular Wire influence that we can’t get enough of, along with the drive-y kraut rock that keeps you feeling like you’re moving through space really fast, or something? And the vocals sound so desperate and unhinged. There’s just a lot of super interesting, disjointed moving parts somehow working together here. 

Viagara Boys, Street Worms

We are all so into this album! It’s scary-sounding in a way that rock & roll tends to shy away from these days. I’m stoked that they’re doing so well, because I think rock & roll should be a bit scary. 


Aldous Harding, Designer

I can’t stop listening to it. It’s been stuck in my head a lot. That song “The Weight of the Planets” is so cool, and kind of reminds me of Kate Bush in a way, but not theatrical. She’s got this classy coldness to her, and normally I like really visceral, warm music, but she’s weird in a way that I can super relate to. I just love it. I love how unafraid she is to be herself and to be weird live — I caught one of her shows this year and it blew my mind.

Perfection, Clean Greed EP

Our bassist Amy’s favorite artist of 2019 is some local buddies of ours, Perfection. It’s Patrick [Nolan], who used to play with Meatbodies.

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)

FEELS is a noise punk band from Los Angeles. Their second album, Post Earth, was released via Wichita Recordings in 2019.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Fribough)