Best of 2020: Loma Got Really Into This Is England This Year

Emily Cross has been watching a lot of Netflix lately.

This Is England was a movie set in 1983, and then a series of TV seasons — ‘86, ‘88, and ‘90 — that succeeded it. It’s an engrossing series that’s obviously set in England, where I happen to be at the moment. It’s incredibly well-acted. It’s pretty dark, but it has moments of lightness and a lot of beauty. I’m not sure about this, but it seems like in the show there’s a fair bit of improv and ad-libbing; it just seems real.

You’re introduced to a group of young people who happen to be skinheads. Through the years is follows their friendships, what they do, the crimes they commit, their transitions out of being skinheads. Throughout the years it kind of morphs with the times, showing various trends and “scenes”. It’s just about their relationships, really, and the troubles that they find along the way growing up in working-class conditions. 

I tend to gravitate towards darker stories that have to do with human relationships, so it’s just is something that I would watch. There are a lot of them, too, which I think is nice — it gives time to sink into each world and year. They’re heavy though, so you definitely need something nice and light to chase them with!

Loma’s Don’t Shy Away is out now. 

As told to Annie Fell.

(Photo Credit: Bryan C. Parker)

LOMA is Emily Cross, Dan Duszynski, and Jonathan Meiburg.

(Photo Credit: Bryan C. Parker)