Best of 2020: Alicia Bognanno Loved the New Waxahatchee Record

The Bully frontwoman talks Saint Cloud and Katie Crutchfield’s “fantastic” lyrics.

I was on tour somewhere in Washington when we first listened to “Fire” in the van. It was just really upbeat, and I think that was the most memorable part of it — it’s just a very appropriate song to turn on first thing in the morning, it’s very feel-good. That’s not easy to come across, and I think it’s really needed now especially. But that was my initial pull to the record.

As I kept listening through, it’s just such an easy listen. It’s well-rounded, it’s dynamic, it’s versatile. One of my favorite things in music in general is listening to a song and realizing there’s only three things going on in it, but it’s that good of a song that it doesn’t need any more. The first song on the record, “Oxbow,” is probably my favorite song, and it’s kind of a perfect example of that. It’s really stripped down, but it’s so solid. 

Another huge thing is Katie is a fantastic lyricist. I’ve thought that forever — she and her sister Allison [Crutchfield] are just really, really good writers. You can tell that there’s a lot of consideration that goes into the lyric process and it’s very admirable.

Waxahatchee’s Saint Cloud is out now, as is Bully’s SUGAREGG

As told to Annie Fell. 

Alicia Bognanno is the front-woman of the Nashville-based band Bully. Their most recent album, Losing, was released in 2017 via Sub Pop.

(Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen)