481. – Katie Parla

Katie Parla is a Rome-based food writer and friend. Her new book, Food of the Italian Islands, is out now. We chat about some last-minute Coachella additions, new Ghia dropped, new anti-woke canned beer just dropped, Italian trap music, which drinking fountains have the best water in Rome, pizza for breakfast, her dad owned a wild game restaurant in New Jersey, the first thing she eats when she comes back to America, obviously Capri is over, what is the Tulum of Italy? The White Lotus effect, cooking to live vs. living to cook, TJ’s Italian wedding takes place at the most expensive time to travel to Italy in the history of time, a few Islands that will become Tulum soon, every Sicilian drives with their left blinker on, and on her seventh cookbook, she’s decided to self publish, and we break down how much that cost.




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