472. – Will Sommer

Will Sommer is a politics reporter for The Daily Beast, cohost of the podcast Fever Dreams, and author of the new book Trust The Plan: The Rise of QAnon and the Conspiracy that Unhinged America. We chat about some art handling at the Black household, a dinner at Jon & Vinny’s followed by a nightcap at The Kibbutz Room, the difference between Sofia Coppola’s daughter’s TikTok and The Last Of Us finale, helicopter parenting, I’ve seen Stevie Wonder driving a car, Washington D.C. is more beautiful than Paris, Roger Stone’s martini recipe, meatball Ron vs. Tiny D, the intersection of Jordan Peterson and George Castanza, the power of Tucker, Q meetups at iHop and Hardee’s, The Bible XXL, paranoid people secretly record everything, which hat does Trump plan on wearing for his perp walk, and some of our favorite non-political conspiracy theories.




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