465. – Roe Ethridge

Roe Ethridge is one of our favorite photographers of all time. His new book American Polychronic shows both his commercial and editorial work over the last two decades. We spoke to him from his home studio in New York about Chris in Chicago on set for FX’s The Bear, Matty Matheson ordering a fifty-piece nigiri set at Nobu, the origins of Roe’s name, growing up in the south, seeing Pavements first show in Atlanta, sweaters over a collared shirt, the unique sequencing of his work, InDesign>Quark, falling ass first into artistic photography, the 1990’s refrigerator, losing weight by quitting alcohol, his boyish good looks, how to pull off flip flops with socks, some Gagosian stories, and we help sell some pieces from his Roe by Roe Etheridge collection.




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