405. – Drugdealer

Michael Collins, aka Drugdealer, is a musician from Los Angeles. His new album, Hidden In Plain Sight, is out soon. We chat with him about tomatoes, Chris has been gone so long they forgot his smoothie order at Whole Foods, Blink 182 back on road, Khloe working security, some of Mike’s favorite HLG episodes, the similarities between the blogosphere era and the quar*ntine, growing up in the nasty ass Baltimore experimental music scene, we learn all there is to know about train hopping, the ins and outs of shoplifting, doing that thing where you buy an old diesel Mercedes, getting free gas for over a year by phreaking the pump, splitting the check as a sober person, how to drink mezcal the right way, the DIY noise support group, and what happened when Mike took one last ride on the train.




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