397. – Phoenix

Phoenix is a band from France. Their new album Alpha Zulu comes out on November 4th. We spoke with Thomas, their singer, about our ATL weekend plans, taking the Ram 1500 back to Hertz, the passing of rapper Coolio, playing in stadiums with bad names, Thomas has to use his parents’ car to test out demos, why branded collaborations rarely work out perfectly, he wasn’t the first choice to sing on Air’s Playground Love, he puts his kids to work in the merch booth, elaborate tip jars, Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’ really hits for him, how to deal with festival bros, you’re in trouble when the people checking your passport know who you are, being the only live band on an Australian EDM tour, one time a girl fell asleep front row when Phoenix was opening for Beyonce, why French DJs are sexy, Thomas likes to wear clothes that aren’t made to be comfortable, Thomas asks if Chris ever gets that shirt off when he’s out for a run, having married Sofia Coppola at her families Italian Villa, Thomas gives TJ some tips and tricks for navigating a Tuscan wedding, and some good old fashioned sync talk.




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