385. – Annie Hamilton

Annie Hamilton is a writer and actor from New York. We talk about haircuts, the 7:30 am pilates class has way too many tardies, the parmesan and fish diet, Annie knows why people don’t trust Chris’ face, we’re all ready for Annie to become famous, finally getting a big check only to have her account liquidated, her debtor’s secretary follows her on Instagram, Annie knows why she’s tough to cast, what it’s like dating someone extremely good looking, can you have sex to MGMT, give Leo a break, numerical ratings, living in Los Angeles for ten years as a total speed freak, getting offered money to get lip fillers, Kylie Jenner and Annie have more in common than you’d think, doing ten key bumps before a flight, the woman who wrote a terribly offensive tweet before a flight and was virally canceled before landing, why Annie prefers uppers to downers, the few advantages that sober people have in a nightlife setting, and what men should be doing at parties instead of dancing. 

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