345. – Chris & Jason

One-on-one pod today, Chris zooms in straight from the Balenciaga show and TJ is still sweating out the mollywater from his successful festival DJ set. We chat about Chris somehow sleeping his entire flight, insights into the songwriting process, Jack Antonoff is music’s fentanyl, it’s the big apple’s heatwave, NYSE scene report, Just Like Heaven Festival recap, a photo of TJ sound checking to an empty field becomes viral online, Goldenvoice using a logo pulled from the Outdoor Voices website for my stage visuals, stop-n-chat anxiety, the teaches of Peaches, a bunch of damn kids backstage, TJ hopes for a massive vibe shift in the water world, Azealia Banks’ tips for kicking nicotine, and we get to the bottom of John Mullaney and Dave Chappelle’s bait-and-switch tactics.



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