32 | Writer Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted, MIB): Finding Emotional Truth In Every Story

Ed Solomon is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable writers, who represents a rare intersection of critical and commercial success. His 16 feature films have grossed over 1.6 Billion Dollars at the Box Office, and he’s the creator or co-creator on three of Hollywood’s biggest franchises: Bill & Ted, Men in Black, and Now You See Me.

But he’ll be the FIRST person to tell you that he’s not a “fancy” writer. He bristles at the idea, and argues that ego is one of the quickest ways to tank a career, especially a creative career. Instead, he feels that humility, curiosity, and daring are the keys to success, especially as a writer. Ed is a disarming orator, passionate teacher, and a great dude. So much to learn.