287. – David Lovering (The Pixies)

David Lovering is the drummer for The Pixies, but we’re more interested in his true loves: metal detecting, and magic. We spoke with him from his home just north of Santa Barbara about our thoughts on tinned fish, a Black Rifle Coffee update, being pulled over while driving a car that smells like shit, getting pulled over in Texas with an ounce of grass on him, using the gift of magic to get himself out of a jam and into some pants, taking Siouxsie Sioux to play the ponies in that same stinky car, what treasures he’s pulled out of the sea with his metal detectors, life after Fight Club, why he has to travel under a pseudonym in Mexico, making the wise decision to not join The Foo Fighters, festival stories, and we end the episode with David going rapid-fire mode on tales involving Zeppelin, Bowie, and stealing HBO back in the ’70s.




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