273. – Patrik Sandberg

*Quick Note: The last 15 minutes of the show Jason’s mic cut out, so his voice switches to our backup Zoom recording* Patrik Sandberg is a writer and creative director, he’s formerly the editorial director of VMAN, Dazed & Confused, CR Fashion Book, and CR MEN. We chat with him from his home in West Hollywood about growing up in Northern California, his early punk days, meth not being for us, Patrik has already seen the new Sex & The City and he’s described it as the pre-game for a funeral, the genre of music known as The Ladies of London, the future of watching movies in the theater, how to watch reality television when your partner doesn’t, being a deeply devoted fan of Madonna, movies have too many trailers, we pry Patrik for some exclusive details on Sky Ferreria’s new music, and Jussie Smollett has been found guilty.




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