Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Big Eyes Goes Coast to Coast

This playlist is all about the process of "getting your groove back."

I left New York in 2011 and relocated my band Big Eyes to Seattle for three years. I tried giving the West Coast “everything’s cool, man” mentality a shot, and it really just didn’t work for me. Toward the end of my stay in Seattle, I felt ragged and confused. I had become really unhappy with my life and was having a hard time figuring out the causes, along with having a bit of writer’s block. It isn’t healthy to wallow, but I think there can be value in immersing yourself in what you’re feeling. All emotions can have their place. This playlist is all about the process of “getting my groove back” after being in a funky state of mind for a while. These songs all helped me out along the way.
Kait Eldridge, Big Eyes