Talkhouse Playlist: The History of Post–Hardcore According to Capsize

Vocalist Daniel Wand shares his biggest personal influences from the past – and the bands currently carrying the torch.

There’s something special about the music that moves us when we’re sixteen. While working on his band Capsize’s second record, vocalist and songwriter Daniel Wand realized that he wanted to tap into the music that made him desperate to start a band in his teens. To celebrate his own particular post-hardcore influences, Wand created this playlist for us. The first five tracks on the playlist were all critical to forming his love of post-hardcore, and the next five are all from current artists who carry on the spirit of that music. So enjoy this post-hardcore educational playlist, and make sure to check out Capsize’s new LP, A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me, out now via Equal Vision Records.

–Dave Lucas, Marketing Manager of The Talkhouse