How to Dress Well’s Favorite Lyrics of 2016 So Far Are…

Tom Krell goes deep on this Frankie Cosmos cut.

As the seasons change and the end of the year creeps near, we’ve asked our contributors to pick their favorite lyrics of 2016 — so far. 
— Brenna Ehrlich, Talkhouse Music Editor-in-Chief

“Someday in bravery/I’ll embody all grace and lightness.”
— Frankie Cosmos, “Embody,” Next Thing

Lyrically, my favorite moment of 2016 comes in the song “Embody” on Frankie Cosmos’ newest record: “Someday in bravery/I’ll embody all grace and lightness.” To me, this is an inspiring thought — and a truly beautiful set of words. The way she intertwines it with snapshot details about the beloved people in her life is so special. When she says, “My friends are friends/with my friends/it shows me/they embody all the grace and lightness,” I feel — with such warmth — the true possibility of human community.

(Art credit: Dan Schmatz)

Tom Krell is the singer-songwriter behind How to Dress Well. His new album, Care, is out now. Follow him on Twitter here and like him on Facebook here.