Domenic Palermo

NOTHING frontman Domenic Palermo got his start as the brains behind the late ’90s/early 2000s hardcore/punk act Horror Show in the crime-riddled neighborhoods of Frankford & Kensington in North Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Horror Show‘s existence was cut short In 2002, when Palermo was incarcerated for an aggravated assault charge (to which he pleaded self-defense) and subsequently served a two-year prison sentence. After getting out of prison and working the next five years under watch of Pennsylvania parole board, Palermo took a lengthy hiatus from music, entering a period of personal reflection that led him through a maze of death, negativity and uncertainty. Nicky returned to music in 2010, and founded NOTHING.

(Photo credit: Thomas Brooker)


One Might Only: Domenic Palermo (Nothing) on Touring

By Domenic Palermo | September 21, 2016

One Might Only: Domenic Palermo (Nothing) on Touring

Plus check out some exclusive photos from the road.