Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop got her name for a reason. She is an audacious, undeniable party starter with a penchant for travelling the world and always bringing her unique energy. As a sound selector she makes the dance floor shake, but there’s much more to the story. Chippy is a DJ, rapper, songwriter, writer, producer, actor and organizer of community events. She is of Indian descent, but is more of a cultural nomad. She was born in Dubai, grew up in Zambia, has citizenship in Canada, has lived in Oakland, and New York, and currently resides in Toronto after a very public deportation. Chippy Nonstop is currently working on new music-related endeavors including a project called
Intersessions,” a sound initiative curated by and for women & the LGBTQ+ community. She is also DJing, recording, and has recently released two tracks: “Bubble Up” and “Lotto.”


Rubba Band Business as Usual

By Chippy Nonstop | January 11, 2018

Rubba Band Business as Usual

Thoughts on the classic Juicy J flow—and sometimes tired politics—on the rapper's new record.