Charlene deGuzman

Charlene deGuzman first garnered attention from tweeting her self-deprecating thoughts as @charstarlene and went on to write and star in videos on YouTube, and her most popular being the viral hit I Forgot My Phone. As a sex and love addict currently in recovery, Charlene’s intention for the rest of her life is to bring awareness to sex and love addiction, and to help people feel got and less alone through all of her creative adventures. She is currently Kickstarting the feature Unlovable, which she wrote and will star in.


My ex from 12 years ago texted me asking for therapist suggestions and NOW I feel like I’ve really fucking made it

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Some of My Best Friends are Movies

By Charlene deGuzman | August 12, 2016

Some of My Best Friends are Movies

Charlene deGuzman, the creator/star of I Forgot My Phone now crowdfunding her first feature, on the films that informed her take on life.